Messages from Archangel Michael

The Year 2021

Dear people on Earth. New year has started and it is going to be much better than last year by many different ways.The corona virus, which has caused a lot of difficulties and suffering for the mankind, will fall back and life will be more normal globally again. This will add desired freedom in every personīs life.

It is important to remember, that life is ment to be that kind of time period, during which one will learn new things about goodness and love. Every person needs love and every body should give love to other people. There is nothing without love. When love is part of your daily life and you find love as an important fact, you will get more love into your life. This is one central universal law, which everybody should take notice on; you attract what you think and what you talk about. Therefore it is always worth it to concentrate only on goodness and love in life.

Living in goodness and in love is not an easy task. You face every day situations, in which you have to choose how to act and what to say. If you cause bad feelings and discomfort to an other person, you should ask forgiveness; it is an important effort by which your negative talk or doings will be cancelled and no bad effects will be follow into your life. Right kind of life requires particular type of certain skills and know-how, which can be developed better and further by active exercise and practise.

The mankind is approaching time during which more and more people want to be good and kind toward fellow-mans. It will add well-being and happiness for all people; that is an excellent and fine matter.

So this already started year will be better than last year.Therefore I want to wish you Happy New Year 2021 and life with full of love on each day of the year.

The Year 2020

Now that the year is changing it is time to reflect on how the last year went, what was good and what was bad. This kind of thinking is useful in many ways and it helps you to set goals for the time period waiting ahead.

Many kind of changes are going on in the world at the moment and new changes are starting. It is important that people on the earth collaborate, share know-how and knowledge with each other. Nobody will cope alone with the upcoming changes and the challenges that will be caused by many kind of factors, matters and events. The efforts for common good are important and individuals` own benefits should be put aside.

It is always worth it to have a positive attitude towards life and the future and it is good to believe that everything will turn out well and for the better. This is important because the way humans and the mankind thinks will create the individual and the common future. If a person is afraid of something, it is more probable that his fear will come true at some point, whereas in a situation where a person is not afraid of anything, instead of fear his mind is filled with the belief and the trust in the fact that good things will happen.

Love is the power of life and there is nothing without love. This is worth always keeping in mind when starting a new day and when meeting other people in different situations during the day. It is also worth it to be good for oneself and also show it each day. When a person feels good it is also easy for him or her to love others and to receive love given and shown by them.

Hate is the opposite of love. There is certainly too much hate among the mankind at the moment. This is caused by the ignorance towards the purpose of life and the strenght of thoughts. Everyone should try to keep their own thoughts as positive and as loving as possible, This way one could completely get rid of the hateful atmosphere and peace could become the dominating form of existence on earth.

The new year that has already begun will bring new experiences to everybody, through which one can learn a lot about love and about living in the goodness. You have been born on the earth because of the need to learn and to become better and better at love and goodness. After you have learned everything, there is no need to be born on earth again. Every challenge that you have been given is an opportunity to learn new things, but you have the freedom to decide how to act in each situation; to accept or to refuse the challenge. Without accepting the challenge life may stay the same and you will get nowhere and the enjoyment and the joyfulness of life may become more difficult. The challenges will help move your life forward in the direction that was meant for you.

I wish you joy and love into your life during this new year 2020 !

The Year 2019

Dear people on Earth. I have a great pleasure to bring you this message through my contact person. In this message I want to tell you about important issues, which all people living on Earth should know and be aware of. You are a spirit created by The Highest Power and the Energy of the universe who has given you a development task. The goal of this task is to eventually reach perfect goodness, purity and enlightenment.This development process varies in length; for some people it is shorter and for other longer, but in the end everyone will reach the set goal and aim. The Highest Power of the universe has wanted, that this development task is first hidden from everybody living on Earth and it has to be found again. This discovery can happen to some people at a young age, but to many it won't happen until they are middle-aged or older. Everyone is guided towards the awareness and the understanding of the development task and those who have learned to spend time alone in silence will find it more easily than others.

Everything in the universe is well regulated and everything that is happening is overseen by the Highest Power of the universe and He will interfere in the processes if needed; sometimes in a very radical way. The life of the soul or the spirit living inside of each human is also supervised and monitored. When a person shows interest in spiritual issues he is guided towards the development path. Each soul and person has helpers from the spiritual world appointed to them and they lead the course of events in a very discreet manner. The fact, that a person is starting to become interested in spiritual issues; the existence of oneself, life, death and the afterlife, is a sign that a certain development level has been reached. Therefore every human being should be extremely happy and grateful if this kind of interest has been aroused in oneself.

Every person's development road is unique and it includes different paths and signposts. However, the aim and the goal is the same for everybody; to be perfectly good. This development task is given to all spirits created by The Highest Power of the universe or the Creator of all. Later, during the more advanced phase of spiritual development the understanding, that there is nothing without love and that love is the power, on to which all existing elements should be based, will be awakened. This understanding will lead to desire to implement love in all events and relationships during the life on Earth.

Everyone has the possibility to get help with moving along the road of love from their own helpers in the spiritual world and from God Himself. In addition to the discreet guidance, the concrete help with daily life issues will also be given if one asks for it. This kind of a connection is part of God’s Big plan, which helps and makes life on Earth easier.

The helpers in the spiritual world are under employed at the moment because only a small number of people understand that there is much more to life than to just be born, to die and to get some experiences without any bigger purposes. The truth of the universe and the life on Earth is much more complicated than the current dominant knowledge explains but the details are only known by the Creator of all.

I wish you love and joy and may God bless you in all your endeavours !