Merja Sankelo is a Doctor of Health Science (PhD), an Adjunct Professor of Nursing Science at the University of Turku in Finland, a qualified registered nurse and a specialized nurse in surgical - and cancer care. She has carried out many research projects for example in the field of cancer nursing and end of life care. She has been working at the university as a researcher, lecturer and manager and as a nursing director of education in a big central hospital in Finland.

About 25 years ago she got interested in spirituality and in issues related to spiritual grow. She got familiar with Reiki therapy, suggestion and relaxation therapy and Angel therapy. She also became interested in spiritual healing. She started daily meditations and was awaken to the understanding that LOVE is the most important thing in the world.

Now the communication with the spiritual world is a part of her daily life. She has been writing spirituality related articles and books in Finnish. Now she also has a book published in English. Her book ”Miracles of Spritual Healing-Experiences of Visitors in Famous Casa De Dom Inacio has been published by Austin Macauley Publishers.