Love as the purpose of life and the goal for spiritual growth


Merja Sankelo

A spark of love is implanted in every human being, which means the need to love and  to be loved. This spark of love can be explained by a belief that there is an eternal soul (spirit) living in a physical body of each human. This spirit is a part of universal energy in which love is central issue. The universal energy has been called by many different names; for example: “The Highest Power of the world”, “God” or “Allah”.   The real home of the eternal soul is in the invisible, spiritual world but according to the Big plan of The Highest Power of the universe this soul has a development task, which requires life periods or incarnations on the Earth. After reaching the set development goal there is no need any more to born as a human here on physical world.

The development task of each soul is connected to love. Every soul is asked to learn all about love and in the end of the development process all souls should be perfectly good, pure and enlightened beings. Love can then be considered as the purpose of every individuals’ life on Earth. According to the Big plan a spirit can learn certain aspects of love only here on physical world. Life as a human gives special possibilities to encounter different forms of love. All humans should first learn to love themselves. To love oneself means to take good care of the health of mind and physical body and it includes also accepting oneself totally; physically, emotionally, cognitively, spiritually and socially. All humans should also learn to love each other. There are different forms of love between people; love between child and parents, love between couples and love or brotherhood between all humans. Universal love means concentration only on serving God by a very unselfish way. Everybody should learn to show love also to the nature, animals and living environment by taking good care of their state and condition.

Life filled with love is possible only after a human has awakened to the consciousness of love and to the understanding that love is the most central and important issue in life. This awakening can occur through religion related experiences, near-death experiences or as result of self-examination and contemplation of one’s own life. The discovery of love is a most important phase of life. After the discovery an individual starts to live in a new way. Values will change and new details in life will come more important. Love awakened person is more critical towards oneself and more conscious of taking responsibility for one’s own life and all the people´s life on Earth.

Love orientated life is full of positivity, happiness and enjoyment of each daily moments. The Highest Power of the universe wants that all his children are happy when they are spending their time on Earth. Positivity adds love and negativity decreases it. It can be said that positivity is the first step on the path of love. Love reflects in all doing; in willingness to do good, to help and take care of others and in the wish to bring and produce joy. Loving thoughts, words and actions leads to positive feelings and to peaceful mind. Forgiveness is also a core issue in the love filled life.

The love orientated life can be described also as a continuous struggle with how to live life so that thoughts are positive and focused on love, that talk and communication with other people is caring including loving expressions and acts. The learning process includes also efforts to try to get rid of one’s own negative attitudes, emotions, reactions etc. It is a question of life-long school of love, which requires good life management skills. 

How is it then possible to recognize a love awakened person? It is difficult, but this kind of person is kind, caring, helpful, positive and grateful of life and all the details of it. He is open, tolerant and approachable.He treats people equally and accepts them in a loving manner. He values the thoughts and opinions of others and does not think that he is always right. The fact that somebody is love awakened does not mean that there are no difficulties in life. A love orientated person will however understand that adversities are learning experiences, which gives possibilities for spiritual growth. He thinks that if no learning is happening the same kind of adversities and events will be in front again later in life. Some people however do not need adversities at all because they learn and realize things well enough in any case.

Relationship with The Highest Power of the universe gives wings to love filled life. Every human has a right to the guidance of God. It requires listening to oneself, time for thinking or meditation. It is important sometimes to ask questions such as: “Am I happy at the moment?”, “Do I like my job?”, “Do I miss something in my life?”, “What are my dreams and wishes at this moment?”  The changes in life should be done if needed. Everybody can ask help from God, angels and spiritual guides. The answers and help can come by different way and therefore it is important to follow up on one’s emotions, thoughts and intuition and make conclusions based on them. Life is much easier after starting this kind of interaction with God and the spiritual world. The regular connection comforts and decreases loneliness and helps life by several ways.

Many people do not discover or understand the meaning of love during their life time on Earth. When these people die, and the soul comes out of the physical body and move back to the spiritual world, they are very disappointed and sad about the fact that their life on Earth was not based on love. The good thing is that they will be given new opportunities to learn about love sooner or later.

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