The laws of the universe and happiness in life


 Merja Sankelo

The laws of the universe tell universal facts and, for example, what people should and should not do in order to live a happy life. The laws also determine what is good and desirable in the eyes of the Creator and what is bad and should be avoided. When a person does something that contradicts with the universal laws, he will suffer, but if he follows the laws his life will be full of joy and happiness.

The most important universal law is love and it is one of the main goals in every sector in ones' life. It is also the main goal in soul development. Practicing love helps one to move forward in the path of love; the more acts of love one does, the more love they have in their life. Gratitude, forgiveness and social contacts with other people are part of a love-filled life. What one thinks and does comes back multiplied like a boomerang whether it's good or bad. 

Another important fact is that in order to be happy, a person needs to consciously aim for happiness and listen to oneself. People should only do things that they enjoy. They should get rid of things in their lives that they don't enjoy and what makes their lives uncomfortable, boring or empty. They need to focus on things that bring joy, happiness and exitement in their lives. In order to be happy, one should live in the present, not in the past or in the future. People need to also take care of themselves in different way, so that it's possible to enjoy life.

Life is a great gift and it should be honoured and lived wisely and everyone should live their lives learning from experiences. When the life on Earth ends, people should feel like they had lived their life to the fullest and they had learned a lot and that their life had been full of love and happiness. Everyone is responsible for their own life, no one else. This is one of the most important laws of the universe. Nobody can be blamed if one doesnšt feel happy; people can only blame themselves. People have also been given the freedom to think, want, act, make decisions and to choose, so no one is forced to do anything that they don't want to do.

The law of karma is one of the central universal law;as you sow, so shall you reap. Bad deeds must be redeemed either in the present life or later. It would be best to try to avoid bad deeds altogether and only focus on the good. That brings good karma that adds happiness and positivity into a person's present and the future life. However, nothing is final and bad deeds can always be redeemed by doing good.

The law of attraction means that a person attracts what they think, say or do. That is why it is better to always be positive and to avoid negativity in every way. This also applies to negative emotions, such as, anger, jealousy, envy, revengefulness and depression. It is important that one is consciously trying to feel positive emotions and doing everything they can to get rid of negative emotions.

People are created to do different things and to work hard. By doing different things, people can let the universe know what they want and what their goals are in life. So, people should focus on things that are important and meaningful to them. That will make reaching one's goals easier. Life offers everyone chances to take on new challenges. Possibilities, opportunities and challenges should be embraced because they lead people in the right and destined direction that also makes them more content and happy about their own life.

People are ment to be in contact with the universal energies and their guides in the spiritual world. This makes life easier in many ways; for example, it is possible to ask for help in different situations. The contact should be regular because it makes the connection stronger.

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