Awakening to love awareness


Merja Sankelo

In this context, love awareness means understanding that love is the most central and important thing in life. It is something much more than, for example, loving your children or your life partner. A person who is aware of love knows that the most important goal in life is to live in love everyday. Love is the key principle of life; it is a part of ones' thinking, speaking and doing. Love awareness also includes understanding  that spiritual growth is the meaning of life, which main goal is enlightenment ie. becoming good in every way. So, love is being good to yourself and to others. An important part of love awareness is realising that one can get help with living in love from the highest power and energy  of the universe, which is the fountainhead of love and the creator of eternal spirits. A person who is aware of love finds it natural to connect with the loving energy of the universe regularly because he or she knows that connection and silence is empovering and it makes it easier to live in love.

How can one awaken to this type of love awareness ? Finding love depends on many things. First of all, it depends on what kind of history the soul or person has. How they have lived their previous incarnations and how they have developed spiritually. If a person has already reached a certain level of spiritual growth, finding love will be easier in the next life. Awakening to love can sometimes occur during "spiritual awakening" but not always; many people who belongs to religious communities live their life without understanding the  meaning of life, even if they believe in God. They need more experiences and they need to develop and grow more spiritually. Spending time in nature might help people to experience love awakening faster because nature helps people to think about life and many other things. Culture (music, films, literature etc.) can also inspire people to think that sort of things. The environment where a person has spent his childhood can also either slow down or speed up this type of development; parents who are love aware can hand down their life philosophy to their children. Finding love can also happen by meeting new people and attending different kinds of events, which are found to be attractive and interesting. Sickness can also be a catalyst for love awareness. Some people are awakened to love awareness through "near-death experiences", which means dying momentarily, for example , after a heart attack. During those moments the person experiences what death feels like and what happens after death; the strong feeling of love makes the person realize that love is the most important thing in life. After this kind of experience the values of life will change totally. Finding love also depends on how well people listen to themselves and their inner voice ie. their soul, angels and their guides. 

Everyone has their own personal teachers and guides in the spiritual world that follow their lives and they sometimes even guide the course of events. When they notice that their person is ready to awaken to love awareness, he or she will be enlightened to understand the importance of love. In one way or other. After a long seeking period of truth this moment of realization can happen suddenly in the middle of the daily routines.

After the awakening to love awareness, a new phase will start in the person's life and spiritual development. Thus, awakening to love awareness is a level after which the person continues to find new goals to reach. Everyone has their own individual path and everyone's development occurs in their own time. People who have been awakened to love start to pay more attention to details that they haven't noticed before. They will also become more self-critical and careful with what they say and do. They are aware of the responsibility that they have for their own life. They also understand how their actions can affect other people's lives. Showing love and kindness to others and receiving love from others becomes important. Life becomes more meaningful and happier. Sending forward the message of love becomes important as well.

Life is a gift that has been  given to every person in order to them to learn. Being awakened to love awareness is a gift as well and a thank you for everything that the person has done to show appreciation to life's truths and details and the spiritual world. Awakening to love awareness is an event that should be celebrated like other important life events.

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